As we start the new year, Jay and I would like to thank all of you that helped make the release of our book, On Being a Cop, a resounding success. We are both gratified and humbled by your response. Your overwhelming support has brought us to the point were we will be planning a second printing very shortly. But before we give the printer the go sign, we are asking that you tell us about any errors, typos or other issues that you may have found in the book (both hardcover and eBook additions). We are aware of only three minor errors, but there may be more. Leave a comment below so we can make any necessary corrections and BE SURE TO hold onto your present copy… the existing errors prove that you have a book from the first printing!

One more favor: One of the harbingers of success for any new book is reviews. Reviews do not have to be lengthy… just give us a star rating and a few sentences about what you thought of the book. As of this writing, we have just over a dozen reviews and we’re hoping to at least double that in the next month. Point your browser to and click on “Create your own review.”



2013 was another banner year for the blog. There were over 35,000 views and the last week of the year saw us surpass 100,000 all-time views from 82 countries! If you’re a number cruncher, you can view the full report here:

Apologies are due to the loyal blog readers. There is no doubt that the last few months of the year, blog postings lagged behind the two per month goal. Getting the book that my son and I co-authored launched took an inordinate amount of our time and admittedly, the blog suffered. But we’re hoping to make it up to you in 2014. First, notice the use of the “WE” pronoun. I am happy to announce that son Jay is joining the blog as a regular contributor. Between the both of us, postings should become more regular once again. Secondly, we’re changing the target date for new posts to the first and third Monday of each month. The first posting of the new year is scheduled for Monday, January 6th. Jay and I are looking forward to keeping the blog an active source for stories over the coming year.

Never-the-less, some minor changes are afoot. At the present time, the blog exists in two places, the original site and now also as part of the website ( which is the main site for the book. While the posts are identical, the comments do not carry over between the two and that is a less than desirable situation. It appears that the best solution may be to consolidate both sites to the new book site. We’re working on it and when any changes occur we’ll give you plenty of notice.

Thanks for your continuing support!


6 Comments on “BOOK NEWS—BLOG NEWS”

  1. Barry Felcher, NBC5 News, retired says:

    One correction: Dorothy Storck (sp) did not work for the Chicago Daily News. She worked for Chicago’s American, later called Chicago Today. If she ever worked for the Daily News it would have been before January 1965 when i started.
    — Barry Felcher

  2. Kyle Owens says:

    Thank you for the update, Jim! I’ve been catching up on the blog since my friend recommended it to me and I can’t wait to read more stories from you and your son! I know you hear it often, but keep ’em coming and thank you again!

  3. George Graves says:

    Hi Jim: your example on matter with the judge; Reminds me of an event from my early days. My partner Joe Franks and I were working radar, remember the old rabbit ears Renaldi? There was an alert that a burglary of an office supply business had occurred in Lisle and the offender was seen leaving in a two door sedan. Setting up our radar on Ogden between Hampton and Forrest it was shortly after being alerted to the burglary our radar registers 75 in a 35 zone. We chase he pulls over, he is lit up from our spot lights. Walk up to the car and in plain view were office machines stacked on the back and passenger seats. They were those, at that time, new electric typewriters. Only old salts like us know what they are. So we write him up for the speeding and call Lisle. Also charge for possession of stolen property. Lisle takes him for the burglary. Here comes the Judge, he rules we made the traffic stop on a false reading, that we made it up, therefor the evidence was not admissible on the possession charge. Defendant not guilty. Judge didn’t allow property return to him. His finding became more clear at the time of the Grey Lord investigation. Chalk up to experience in the court system as pre Grey Loard.

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Kugie CFD says:

    Youse Guys are a breath of fresh air in this insidious world of ‘social media’. Keep the great memories coming. BTW Jim, I need my book copies signed too.

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