Maxwell Street Homicide-August 1970

Maxwell Street Homicide-August 1970

Attention all units on the City-Wide and across the country: Be on the lookout for retired Chicago Area Four Homicide detectives. They are wanted for the annual reunion luncheon to be held late this month at one of our favorite restaurants (you know the place). Most may have grey hair or be balding. Some will walk slowly or with a bit of a stoop, but our goal is to reassemble the most accomplished, intelligent and hard-working homicide detectives that ever existed in the history of the world. Warning! Some may not appear exactly as pictured above.

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24 Comments on “BOLO”

  1. Kaye says:

    I just LOVE your skinny tie! 🙂

  2. Jim,

    Just keep enjoying your retirement. God grant you all a happy and peaceful retirement.

    • jimpadar says:

      Thanks Greg. Taking a long hard second look at that picture I realize that half of them have passed away. All the more reason to meet for lunch every year. Blessings of the day to you too sir!

  3. Jim Kehoe says:

    Good luck on you get together. While I recognize 4 people, I can only name 2. You and Tim Nolan. I am not sure you are aware, but Tim past away about 10 years ago.

  4. john scalise says:

    Any pic of me would be in color I am not that old

  5. Bill Reynolds says:


    Even thought I was in the room next door (A/4 Robbery), the only 2 I recognized were you and Tim Nolan. I recognize the Lieut., but don’t remember his name either. He once came next door and chastised Bill Struke and myself for dry firing a pistol that I had work done on.

  6. Jerry Garren says:


    I’ve been a subscriber for several months now and really enjoy your stories. They bring back fond memories of when I was the “real police”…

    Anyway, I saw the picture and it reminded me of someone I worked for while employed as a security guard through college…a guy by the name of Wally Weingart. The guy at the head of the table sort of resembles him and it dawned on me that (though he’s probably long gone) you might have worked with, or known, him. He was a character and a tough old SOB, but steered me in the right direction.

    Take care,

    • jimpadar says:

      Hey Jerry,

      Thanks for being a regular reader. The guy seated at the head of the table is Lt Charlie Azzarello, CO of Area Four Homicide. Can’t say I recall Wally Weingart, but that’s par for the course—it is a very large department. Thanks again for being a subscriber and for your comment.

  7. Terry Fahey says:

    Jim, I worked with you at the then OEC in 1995. I saw the photo above and wanted to let you know, I that I worked with Ray Leuser (now deceased) at Area Four Violent Crimes, at Harrison and Kedzie in 1984. I then returned to Area four in 1988 as a Sergeant. Hope this little info finds you and your family in good health. sincerely, Terry

    • Ray Leuser III says:

      Terry, I hope this finds you in good health, I’m Ray III , I remember you and I remember my Father recalling stories of those days, with you and those that worked with you. Nice memories he had.


  8. Bill Kushner says:

    I didn’t see John Mohan in that picture, Jim! He was a long time family friend!

  9. michael cohen says:

    I know I am only a lawyer that should have been a cop, but my enthusiasm is unmatched. Would it be possible to make an exception and let me come?I am 70 which means I would be old enough. Michael Cohen

    • jimpadar says:

      Hey Mike, thanks for your interest. Think of our group as sort of a “band of brothers” type thing. We share a lot of history together, professional and personal. I think that keeping the attendees somewhat limited goes a long way in avoiding any awkward situations.

      • michael cohen says:

        I see your point, But why can’t I get a chance to meet you? I am considered to be the most pro police lawyer in Chicago and for a civilian I know a lot of stuff.

  10. Tom Nangle says:

    Jim, I recognize you and Azzarello and Nolan…Azzarello and his wife used to sing in the parish choir when I was on the southside in 1970…riding with the tac folk in 006 at that time gave me my taste for the CPD. How about those other names…can you supply them? Love your writings.

  11. Hello,

    My name is Michael Leuser and I’m a Sgt. with the Chicago Heights Police Department. I came across this site and noticed that some of you guys worked with my uncle Ray Leuser and was wondering if you had any work related or personal stories you could tell me or any documents relating to him. You can email me at Thanks in advance!

  12. Ray Leuser III says:

    I remember how a smile would appear on his gruff face, a sparkle in his eye also would appear . He did not have anything good to say about the city or the sheep that had to be kept in line, but he really enjoyed working with his fellow detectives.. Thanks for making him smile. Sgt. Ray Leuser III. Indian Head Park, Il.

    • jimpadar says:

      Hey Ray, good to hear from you! We were indeed a band of brothers. Perhaps the greatest group I have ever worked with in any job anywhere. We were a bunch of characters with character AND we were damned good at what we did. If I could repeat any part of my police career, t would be my years at Area Four Homicide.

      Thanks for reading!

  13. Ernie Hernandez says:

    Hey Jimmy:
    Keep my e-mail. It would be great to see a lot of my mentors at a get together. I learned a lot from you and Mike, and the other guys, that were the best detectives I ever came across. I have to smile a lot when I think of the lessons that the new guy was taught when he had the opportunity to work with the best.

    • jimpadar says:

      Ernie, Great to hear from you! I maintain an email list of the ol’ homicide crew, glad to add your name. I send out maybe five or six emails a year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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