20,000 Thanks to you all—

After less than 4 months online, tonight at about 8 PM this blog reached 20,000 total visits from coast to coast, Canada, and the UK. My personal thanks to each and every one of you for your interest and support. A special thanks to other bloggers who have been kind enough to mention this site, there is no question that your kindness has played a great part in this success. In particular, thanks to those of you who took time to leave comments, each of them meant a great deal to me.

There are some 15 short stories online now and with your continuing interest I hope to continue to post 2 or 3 each month, mostly police stories, but an occasional family/human interest piece just for a change of pace now and then. Remember, you can be notified by email each time a new story is posted by signing up on the right column of this page. Or, you can follow me on twitter (@JimPadar) and get the same notification.

As always, I encourage you to share this site with anyone you think might have an interest…


11 Comments on “20,000 Thanks to you all—”

  1. Congratulations big boy… You’re in the majors now!

  2. Rich says:

    Love the stories. Keep them coming.

  3. Dennis Mitzner says:


    Having many friends (mostly retired) on CPD and also a whole hearted supporter of CPD, Chicago FOP Lodge #7 and the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, I want to thank you for you frank and honest articles.

    I’m probably a police officer wannabee and not being able to do anything about that at the age of 66, instead I work with my town’s (Oak Forest) police department in promoting crime prevention and getting involved with neighborhood watch programs.

    I’ve been on many ride-alongs, and it always amazess me at your (police officers) ability to put up with the abuse you receive from the people you are confronted with in the course of a day. You get kicked, scratched, punched, spat at, verbally abused not to mention being shot at, knifed and run over by a car all the while maintaining your professionalism and “cool.” That’s the physical side of being a cop. The emotional side is even harder to maintain and try to control when dealing with the lowest of low-lifes and crimes against children. And all of the above when your bosses (the Judicial system) has hamstrung you in being able to carry out your duties, and I think the most devasting part of your job is to bring a perpetrator to justice only to have the judges let them go. What are we doing?

    In closing, I just want to say to all those who wear a Police uniform to BE SAFE and COME HOME TO YOUR FAMILY after your shift.

    God watch over you,

    Dennis from Oak Forest

  4. Pat Cronin says:

    Congrats, Jim. May the hits keep coming.

  5. Dave Sandlund says:

    Well done congratulations all my non police friends agree you write well.

  6. Joanna says:

    Congratulations Jim, continued success to you and continued stories for us!

  7. Judy Traynor says:

    Congratulations!…your stories are terrific….please keep on writing…
    Our son is “on-the-job” in 17…and he sent us the link to your email.

    Judy Traynor

  8. Tom says:

    Every so often, I tell a story about the old Area 4 and the west side. People say, you should write a book. I can tell a story but I can’t write one. Now I tell them to go to your blog. You write the stories for us Jim. God Bless and thanks. Keep it up.


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